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Carboxytherapy is a safe, minimally-invasive, clinically proven method to rejuvenate, restore and recondition the skin.

Our skin changes over time, losing its youthful look and giving way to wrinkles, laxity, cellulite and stretch marks. Carboxytherapy is a safe, minimally invasive, clinically proven method to rejuvenate, restore and recondition the skin. Results can be rapid and dramatic. Treatment has no downtime and a single session can take between fifteen minutes and an hour. A simple and safe procedure for beautiful, younger looking skin.

The Carboxytherapy system gradually administers controlled amounts of carbon dioxide via micro-injections just beneath the surface of the skin. This breaks down localized fatty deposits, initiating the body’s own natural processes to stimulate circulation, local tissue metabolism and collagen production to improve the overall health and appearance of skin.

The treatment is already in wide use, approximately 5000 dermatologists and plastic surgeons, and gathering widespread and positive press. Brazilian Vogue recently called it “The Miracle Gas”, Daily Mail called it “The biggest breakthrough in beauty therapy since Botox”.
In Europe, where it has received a CE mark, CO2 infusion therapy has been used safely and efficiently on over 30,000 patients, with no adverse effects, against conditions as persistent and difficult to treat as psoriasis, diabetic ulcers and cellulite.

It has been shown to provide a wide range of benefits including:

The secret

Carboxytherapy injections are a way to stimulate your own body.

Skin Rejuvenation

Carboxytherapy injections improve skin texture and luminosity of skin on the face and body by increasing the circulation in the skin. CO2 injections promote neo-angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels), these vessels help to bring more oxygen and nutrients into the skin’s many layers. The same benefits as those of exercise, only for your skin. The effects of this therapy continue, even after the treatment cycle has ended.

Stretch Marks and Scars

Stretch marks are essentially scars. They are tears in your skin that didn’t heal because the healing response was not triggered, as it would have been, if they were cuts. Carboxytherapy triggers the healing process to commence by stimulating the melanocytes to produce melanin and the fibroblasts to produce collagen. This improves the colour of white stretch marks, and helps to tone down the inflammation of red ones, leading to faster and more complete healing. This process also helps to flatten keloids or hypertrophic scars by turning down the inflammatory response that does not allow for proper healing to take place.

Enhancing Hair Volume

Many factors cause hair loss in women; age, pregnancy, disease, stress, unexplained auto immune responses. The most common cause for hair loss in men is Androgenetic Alopecia (or male pattern baldness) – Carboxytherapy injections can help by improving the circulation of the scalp via neo-angiogenesis and by decreasing the body’s inflammatory response. Inflammation can adversely affect the hair follicle, resulting in hair loss. Case studies have shown Carboxy CO2 injections can be used as an effective weapon to improve and maximize hair shaft calibre resulting in hair volume in women and men.

Other areas of benefit include:

Diminishing effect on Cellulite; Tightens loose skin, eg diminishes a double chin; Resolves stasis dermatitis and venous stasis ulcers on the lower legs; it also has a positive effect on erectile dysfunction in males and females; Diminishes psoriasis plaques.

How it works

Carboxytherapy injections are a way to stimulate your own body, using what is naturally in your body, to promote an organic healing response to improve a variety of skin conditions. As a result of ageing, subcutaneous capillaries become dormant resulting in a decrease of circulation over time, depriving cells of oxygen; this, combined with environmental stresses and other variables, inhibits the ability of cells to regenerate and function properly. The Carboxytherapy System infuses CO2, just beneath the skin’s surface; the body interprets this as an oxygen deficit and responds by increasing the flow of blood. This provides a surge of oxygen and nutrients to the treated area and improves circulation, resulting in cell restoration.

The Carboxytherapy System gradually administers controlled amounts of sterile, medical-grade carbon dioxide via micro-injections just beneath the surface of the skin through a tiny 30G needle (0.3mm in diameter). A single treatment can take from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the area to be treated.

Patient concerns addressed

The treatment is completely natural. Some people may experience some mild discomfort, however, most feel a mild tingly sensation which then warms. The Carboxy therapy System provides heated gas, which reduces the discomfort.

Results can manifest after 3 to 5 treatments:
For most cosmetic conditions we recommend 10 treatments after which a top-up treatment every 3 to 4 months maintains noticeable and long-lasting results.

What doctors say about carboxytherapy

“Carbon dioxide rejuvenation is a new, exciting therapy for non-invasive skin tightening treatment of cellulite and stretch marks. Our research group is excited to be part of the first U.S. Studies looking at the potential benefits of this new technology”.

Neil Sadick, MD, Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical College


“I am very excited about Carboxy therapy. The results for eye contour tightening and dark circles are amazing”. 
Bernard Hayot, MD, Ophthalmologist, specializing exclusively in eyelid and orbit surgery, Paris, France.


“I am proud to have conducted the first clinical studies using CO2 gas injections to treat stretch marks. Our centre has found this therapy to be the best option currently available to treat this condition”.

Professor Carlos Antonio Abramo, MD, Ph.D, Plastic Surgeon, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


“A new approach for dark circles and eye rejuvenation.” 
Alessandra Haddad, MD, Dermatologist, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


“Carboxy therapy is one of the most exciting techniques available currently on the aesthetic market. It opens new possibilities for some skin conditions that were hard to treat up until now.”

Dr. Marina Landau, MD, board certified Dermatologist and guest lecturer for the European and American Societies for Dermatology, Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgery.

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