Advanced Skin Peels

OBAGI, The gold standard of Skin Peels

Highly effective professional Obagi Radiance Blue Peel and the Standard Obagi Blue Peel.

Obagi Radiance Blue Peel:
This is a superficial peel that reaches into the epidermis and it does not require specific preparation, except for the skin prep immediately prior to doing the peel. The upper epidermal layers are stimulated and after the Radiance Blue Peel the skin has a reddish glow for 2 to 3 days after which a very fresh looking skin manifests. This peel has virtually no down time and can be done frequently to stimulate the skin, restoring the normal epidermal skin cycle.

The Obagi Blue Peel:
This is the Gold Standard of all chemical peels and was designed and originated by the Dr Zein Obagi. This peel requires skin preparation in order to create adequate skin “tolerance” prior to doing the Blue Peel. There is a Standard Obagi Preparation Kit which is used for 3 skin cycles to prepare the skin. The peel is done with TCA (Trichloro-acetic Acid) 15% or 20% depending on the patients unique skin characteristics (skin thickness; oiliness; tolerance; laxity; fragility; Fitzpatrick skin color classification etc). We use 15% TCA applied in 2 to 3 or 4 applications. Each application takes the peel to a deeper level. The Obagi Blue peel was standardized by Dr Zein Obagi and is the safest chemical peel in the world. After each coat is applied we know exactly at what depth the peel has penetrated, due to specific clinical signs that signal the depth. The peel can reach the Basement Membrane of the Epidermis after one or two coats; further into the Papillary Dermis after 2 to 3 coats and up to the IRD (Immediate Reticular Dermis) after 4 coats in specific areas where lifting and tightening of the skin is required (Blue Peel Design). The post-Blue Peel recovery time is 5 to 7 days on average. Thereafter the new skin appears unbelievably fresher and younger in appearance, with tightening, lifting, and significant removal of blemishes.




















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